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Robed, independent and sexy women always attract the attention of men. They arouse strong erotic experiences and competitive spirit in men. But is it possible to build a strong relationship with a bitch? Our heroes and sexologist answer.

what a woman is a bitch?

It would be easier to answer this question if there was a strict definition of which women we call that. Someone sees them in brave business women, someone in self-confident mistresses. And someone in aggressive and nervous bosses.

This is how the bitch is usually described:

One way or another, one thing can be said for sure: the bitch is opposed to the image of a gentle girl. “The behavior of a sweet girl seems to say:“ What I can offer is not enough. The one who I am is not enough, ”emphasizes Sherry Argov, the author of the bestseller“ Why do men like bitch ”. – While the bitch conveys another message: “The one who I am is enough. Accept this or go “.


to her, all familiar men noted two features that characterize such women and attract their attention.

  1. This is a woman who does not seem in need – neither in a man nor in a relationship.
  2. This is a woman who challenges him.

In other words, this is one who does not depend on others and lives according to their own standards and rules. The one who has power, self -confidence and love for freedom.

Why do men still like bitch?

Mikhail, 34 years old:

“We want to conquer them, but this is perhaps at a time. These are all legends – about love for the bitch. Nobody loves a long brain removal “.

Gleb, 25 years:

“Some men are drawn to such women out of sports interest, others to increase self -esteem. The third, “domestic” guys, such a craving speaks of a lack of adrenaline in life.

But the bitch are different. There are moderately confident, which are sufficiently educated, have their own mind, opinion and some intelligent impudence. Partly due to the presence of the mind, they position themselves as bitch.

Such women attract attention not with relations with them, but sex. They are not afraid to do what another type will not go right away. Fight, bite, scratch. Do something unusual. But you will not build relationships with her. At least because the majority does not have enough strength or desire to make it kinder to the world and to yourself. “.

Oleg, 26 years:

“I would not say that we love the bitch. They attract our attention, we can even fall in love with them. But no more. The fact is that they give a strong emotion, challenge and a certain element of competition. With them we experience ourselves for strength. This is a struggle “.

Konstantin, 36 years old:

“A man is a hunter by nature, and a woman is always necessary to conquer. But no one will want to marry such. Just meet her like a lover. This is not just a woman with a rod. As a rule, this is an emotionally unbalanced lady. It is unlikely that a mentally healthy man wants to connect his life with such a person. “.

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